Our Programs


Toddler Program (18 months - 24 months old)


We strive to help toddlers form a positive self image through the development of competence and self-esteem.  Children are encouraged to use and understand language, to be persistent at an activity, to develop self-control, and to become independent in feeding, dressing, and toileting.  Along with these self-discovery skills, we encourage activities to allow children to show creativity and individuality.

Preschool Program (2 - 3½ years old)


Children are active participants in the "emergent curriculum."  As their social skils (such as creative problem-solving, conflict resolution, and collaboration) are enchaned, the children and teacher work together to design and direct projects which encourage growth in physical, emotional, creative, and intellectual domains.

Children will be taking home "Homework Packages" bi-weekly which includes letter of the month, number, color and the shape.


Pre-Kindergarten (3 - 5 years old) 


Children's self-awareness and increasing discovery of others are expanding rapanding rapidly at this level.  With that in mind, the Pre-K program provides a holistic approach to learning: social, physical, mental and emotional.  Emphasis is placed on developing readiness skills as well as visual and auditory discrimination.  Social skills and problem-solving abilities are enchanced which are essential ingredients for success in school.



School Age (6 - 12 years old)

The School Age program is avaiable to children in Kindergarten through age 12.  After spending a long day at school, children are encouraged to enjoy a snack and then unwind in a classroom designed with their interests in mind.  Most furniture is larger to accommodate growing children, and materials are age appropriate.  Activities are scheduled to provide fun, relaxation, and stimulation, including outdoor play on a daily basis.  Homework time is included, and help is provided if necessary.  Transportation is provided to area schools. Full day care for teacher work days and school breaks is provided.



Summer camp is a unique opportunity for school-age children to enjoy a summer filled with adventure, learning, and fun.  Our project based curriculum will enhance your child's summer with enriching learning experiences, and fun activities.

Each week will be filled with trips to parktake in activities like swimming, bowling, skating, horseback riding, and wall climbing, as well as visting local parks and libraries.

Specific information about the upcoming 2017 summer camp will be availiable in the spring.